What is Traffic Monsoon?

I am writing this post as a Traffic Monsoon review, which is a relatively new revenue sharing company.  Revenue sharing is basically when a company shares their revenue with shareholders; directly related to investing.  If you’re not into investing or are new to it this program works for anyone willing to dedicate a few minutes daily.  If used correctly you can generate a steady side income while at the same time, driving traffic to your affiliate links and or banner ads.

Let me illustrate.  If I told you I’d give you $3,000,000 cash or a single penny that doubles everyday in value for 31 days, which would you take?  Most would say the 3 million in cash but when you do the math this is what happens: after just 5 days you’d have $5.12.  Which would you take now?

After 20 days you’d be at $2.684 million.  Which one would you take now?  At the 30th day of doubling that penny where would you be at?  $5.36 million!!!  The 31st day would be amazing at almost $11 million = $10.73 million.  This is known as compound interest.  It’s really one of the most powerful forces in the world.  If you don’t believe me then ask Warren Buffet, one of the world’s richest men and most prolific investors, who’s net worth is almost $70 billion dollars, according to Forbes 2015.

“My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest.” – Warren Buffett

Leverage Traffic Monsoon with Compound Interest - graph with Varying Frequencies

Power of compound interest

How is the above possible?  With compound interest.  Compound interest involves knowing how long will it take for any given amount to double according to a specific interest rate.  For example, you take a 5-year loan at 10%, lets say you borrowed $1,000.  After the first year you’ll owe that plus 10% = $1,100, then that plus another 10% after the second year and so on.  It builds up on the previous balance.  This is very different from linear growth, it is known as exponential growth.

Similarly if your ROI (return on investment) is 10% the same rules apply.  One “compounding period” of 1 year with a 10% interest rate will get you $1,100 from $1,000.  What’s you yearly ROI?  Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway has grown at a steady 20%.  Their shares started at $11 and are now worth more than $190K all with compound interest.

10% year after year can go a long a way.  If you were to invest just $500/month over a 40 year period would make you over $4 million! Traffic Monsoon, who gives you 110% return when you buy their adpacks with sharing, is using the beauty of compound interest.  The adpacks cost $50 each and give you a return of $55 within 55 days; basically $1 per day.  The more adpacks you buy the more return you get.  Here is where a lot of people go wrong in business.

traffic monsoon review - cash links

Not to mention the free cash links!

Traffic Monsoon Review: Powerful Revenue Sharing

So, Traffic Monsoon offers 110% guaranteed return on investment in less than 2 months.  Lets say you have some to money to invest and you put down $1,000.  This will automatically give you a return of $1,100.  I know you’re saying that’s just $100 in two months; well this is why many fail at business.  It takes patience.  Within one year this $1,000, without adding an additional penny will make you $1,771.56.  After 5 years of you just letting that money sit there building up, it will make you $17,449.31.  See how the math works now?

Traffic Monsoon’s compounding period is roughly 55 days with a return of 110% (or 1.1).  If you were to do the same thing above but invest an additional $1,000 per year, how much would that make you in 5 years?  $41,054.15!!!  In just 5 years.  If you could invest a total of $6,000 and get a guaranteed return  of $41,054.15 within 5 years, would you do it?  There’s no question.  I would definitely do it.

What’s the catch?  There is really no catch.  It’s free to setup an account on Traffic Monsoon all you have to do is buy the adpacks with sharing at $50 a piece but, you also have to click 10 ads per day to get the revenue sharing.  It’s all worth it because it only takes 5-10 minutes daily to click 10 ads.

The best part is when you buy an adpack with sharing you are getting 20 Pay-Per-Click Banner Credits, 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits, and 1 Revenue Sharing Position.  Which means you’ll also get 20 clicks on your banner plus 1000 clicks on any other links you may have.  It’s really a great system.  So good that their traffic rank has grown to #966.  I hope you enjoyed this Traffic Monsoon review.  See the video below on how to setup a banner ad once you get your free account here.

Leverage Traffic Monsoon with Banner Ads – Adpacks with Sharing

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