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The number 1 online marketing software solution is blogging.  Depending on what platform you use, this software will optimize your blog content so that it can be found by the people that matter to you.  For example, WordPress has a ton of plugins available for free and, when used efficiently can bring thousands of users to your site daily (I’ll be making another post on the best plugins for WordPress).

Blogging is one of the fastest growing ways to market your products and services online today.  It’s easy to create fresh content and make sure only highly-targeted prospects will see it by using the free tools offered by Bloggr, WordPress and other free blogging platforms (Medium is a new one).

Among the plugins available are Google Analytics, to analyze your stats and Google Page Speed to check the speed of your blog site.  There’s even software that will guide you in the creation of your content, like a wizard.  Don’t try article spinners, mainly because the articles they create are really bad.  You’re better off networking with other writers and paying for some real articles.

Try these sites for $10-15/hr (or $50 articles):

The cost of hard drive storage has gone down.  Therefore, smart phones, tablets such as the iPad, laptops, eReaders and other devices have also gone down in price.  As a result, according to a study by Smart Insights (July 2015), 51% of users are accessing the internet from a mobile device.

Blogging today has seen a huge boost in popularity, making it one of the most popular marketing platforms for many businesses.

Blogging software, themes and plugins also make it easy to integrate your blogs with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others.  With Mention you have the ability to track mentions of your blog in real time and engage within seconds.  Other softwares allow you to schedule your posts according to a pre-determined schedule.

Social media sites are where consumers are today. Twitter, in particular, is quickly becoming the preferred way people communicate with each other.  Especially now with video Twitter is headed in the right direction.  See Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog post here.  If you don’t know who he is and are into online marketing software then you better click that link (after you’re done here of course).

Social Media Software Tools

Social media analytics software can be used to see how your social media marketing campaigns are doing.

Facebook and Twitter offer a lot of free analytical tools.  But, there are other free and paid softwares that can help you narrow down to see who is looking at your social media pages and Tweets.  You can more effectively target potential customers using these hugely powerful marketing tools.

To list of a few:

Lead Generation Software

Lead generation software is designed to help you find and develop new customers for your products and services. They are primarily aimed at turning your websites into places where visitors can get information quickly and get them to opt-in.  For example, you provide a lead magnet, which can be an eBook or a how-to guide.  If you design a landing page that is simple and clean with little options the visitor will input information for the free content.

Among the most successful lead generation software’s is ClickFunnels (free trial).  It allows you to quickly and effectively build landing pages to capture email addresses and other information.  There is so much power and control in ClickFunnels that no other service really matches up (even better then Lead Pages).

Content management systems (CMS) are software solutions that optimize your websites so that they attract the most leads and convert the most prospects into customers.  For example, with templates or sets of templates you can design pages that convert on the fly.  Take a look at some of the top selling WordPress themes here (makes use of the template).

According to the Tech Target Network, a CMS system can also be used for one-to-one marketing which is “the ability of a Web site to tailor its content and advertising to a user’s specific characteristics using information provided by the user or gathered by the site.”  This is also known as retargeting in marketing.  Have you ever searched for a particular widget or program online and then when you’re traveling around the internet, that search seems to have followed you around in all the ads you see?  That’s retargeting.

Split Testing Software

Most lead generation softwares allow you to create A/B testing, or split testing.  This is when you make small changes to your marketing programs and see what is the impact on customer responses.  The right way of doing this is by changing one thing at a time like a headline, the CTA (call-to-action) button or different designs for your landing pages.  You start out with the bigger elements and move your way down to smaller things like the CTA button color, this takes patience and enough data.  2 leads and 1 sale is not enough data.  That is how you fine-tune your marketing operations for optimal efficiency.

ClickFunnels, mentioned above lets you have full control of this throughout your sales funnel.  You are able to split-test every step along the funnel, such as the opt-in, sales, up-sale, down-sale and thank you pages.

With lead management software you can organize your leads so that you can focus on the best customers first and see how you can increase conversion rates by the behavior of your visitors.  This allows you to track your lead activity and obtain reports on what people are doing on your site.  “Starve the ponies, feed the stallions”, a quote that is well known in marketing, says that you should focus on the methods that are bringing you results.

You can also manage your leads with email marketing using Aweber which sends you reports on how many people opened your emails, clicked on your links and purchased something.  For more on email marketing see this post.

split testing as A-B puzzle

Company Tracking

One type of lead management software is anonymous company tracking.  These programs automatically see which companies are viewing your website even if they don’t fill out an opt-in form.  This is done by looking up IP addresses, reverse DNS lookups and domain lookups to see the legal name and geographic location of the organization.

One more example of lead management software is lead intelligence programs.  These provide personalized information according to each individual lead, something like a profile.  This usually includes full-lead history including page views, form submissions and emails.  It gives you a personal look at your leads and a better understanding of them.

The last type of lead management software focuses on Customer Relations Management, or CRM. Which is basically managing your interaction with current and future customers.  These systems improve the handling of customer data and allow you to merge a range of information traditionally held in separate databases – such as contact lists, sales leads, and after sales support histories – into one system.  This can make it much easier for you to centrally track all of your interactions with customers.

For example, CRM systems can integrate customer and prospect contact information, call logs, accounts, leads and sales opportunities, making all relevant customer information available to you on demand.

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