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Ranking number one on Google is no small task, which is why I am writing this in a series of blog posts under my blog’s category: SEO. Please check back for updates and revisions on this topic. This post will serve as an introduction to the topic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Ranking as well as how to create SEO content. You could check out something like this if you wanted to improve your ranking. There are many ways to do it but cold email strategies are just one way, you could use a white hat SEO company to run your SEO operations for you as well. As a reference I have included a link for a study called Search Metrics Company Information. Here is what it entails:

“We gathered approx. 300,000 URLs with top search result positions (top 30) for 10,000 informational keywords. To determine why these URLs ranked at the top, we examined the presence and extent of certain factors. Our results are displayed by how these factors correlate with Google rankings.”

The most important factor in the SEO ranking chart below is Click-Through Rate (CTR). As you can see by the use of colors in the chart, the ranking factors are broken down into five categories: User Signals, Social, Backlinks, On Page (technical) and, On Page (content). Organized mostly in order of importance, please refer to the actual chart for more details: Search Metrics Ranking Factors Study.

SEO Search Ranking Factors Study 2014 Chart


There are many plugins you can use to optimize your website depending on if you’re using WordPress or Website Builder etc. One all encompassing plugin that I use is Yoast WordPress SEO.

User Signals

User signals means what are users doing when they see your site in the search results. Are they going to the site and leaving immediately? What is your click-through rate (CTR)? How long are they spending on your site?

Social Signals

The social ranking factor should be seen as a bonus but if leveraged correctly can be your primary source of traffic. Since Google gets 70% of search, which social network would be most important? Google Plus! Leverage your Google Plus account! The well-known red +1’s, increase the possibility creating more shares and getting more eyes on your content.

The other important social networks when it comes to SEO ranking are Facebook, Pinterest and, Twitter. The search engines look for content that is being shared, liked, +1’d, tweeted (or re-tweeted) and, pinned because these are primarily signals for what and where good content is.


Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks to your website from another. Are people clicking and getting to your website from others? For example, you write an awesome blog post and, someone refers to it in his or her blog post with a link. This is considered to be an important factor for SEO ranking, you’re popular that’s why Google likes you. This method is called link building, and is often used by companies like to help boost people’s SEO ranking.

So, are you guest posting on other blogs? Are you commenting and getting involved with other blogs? This is how you can get yourself out there so people know you exist! Remember it’s not just the quantity of backlinks but the quality of the links that matters as well.

On Page (technical)

On page technical aspects are things like how fast your page loads for new visitors. How fast is your site? There’s an excellent resource called Google Site Speed where you can test this out. I am currently writing A Primer On Page Load Speed and will be posting it up soon, so check back for that.

On Page (content)

The only aspect of this that was very high on the before mentioned study is “relevant terms”, coming in at second underneath click-through rate. What relevant terms refers to is, when someone enters words into a search engine and those words are matched to your website. Since the first ranking factor is click-through rate then, user-relevant content is in direct correlation to this.

“Good rankings are based on many factors, but the study revealed that nothing is more important to optimal SEO as high quality, relevant content.

[…] …without compelling content, you can kiss SEO goodbye.”

I know I am not covering everything there is to know about ranking number one on Google search but I am addressing the current and most important factors for getting a page to rank high. The methods that work today may not always work tomorrow.

For the full, detailed course see this link: Complete SEO Rank #1 on Google + WordPress + Adsense Earning.

So, the most important ranking factor overall is user relevant content. This is very similar to the direction advertising is heading, where every single ad is catered and delivered precisely for you. Now, is there a possibility that Google is providing biased results? I will talk more about this in a future blog post.

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