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A lot of companies and individuals are turning to the Internet to generate a steady income. Blogging is by far the best way to generate leads online and build relationships with prospective customers. This is why it makes sense to look into something like web hosting canada reviews in order to find the right platform to host your website, if this is the route you are thinking of going down. When it comes to your future and your career, you want to make the best decision. Starting a blog can be a little time consuming for a beginner or anyone with a full-time job. That is why I’ve begun the service of offering a free WordPress blog setup for your success.

A few minutes of research in Google will show you that terms like “make money blogging” and “make money online” get up to one million searches monthly! Why is that? The main reason is who doesn’t want the freedom of working from anywhere in the world at anytime they want to? Who doesn’t want to ability to generate income on autopilot even when they’re sleeping?

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Why You Should Be Blogging

There are more than 150 million blogs out there so why should I be blogging you ask? Well why do you think there are so many blogs in the first place? Blogging, when done correctly can be a fun and lucrative source of income that is long-term unlike paid traffic which dies out the minute you stop paying for it.

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Writing regularly is a crucial part of self-development. You may not feel like you’re a good writer, and you might be saying “I can’t write” but, how will you be sure if you don’t start? Not only if you don’t start but also give it some continuous effort?

One of the greatest creativity secrets is just getting started. Make it a goal to set some time aside every week to write for a while and do it week after week. Don’t think you have to write your best especially when starting out. Just begin writing. If you get stuck do some research and read a little.

By writing often you’ll become a better writer and will be able to express yourself easily. Your conversations will grow in quality and you’ll be able to connect with people faster. The more you read and write the better person you will be, it is already proven.

You’ll gain a following

Organic engagement in general, has gone down especially on blogs but don’t let that bog you down.

When I first started blogging and promoting my blog I had little engagement on my social media profiles. I started with just 5 followers on Twitter and after a few months I now have 200 followers and will continue growing. Be consistent and build curiosity about your stuff on all channels possible. There are so many social media channels out there now.

Choose a few to start and see which ones you’re good at, stick to those. I stick to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. That might seem like a lot but you’re just promoting your blog posts to start. As you get better at writing and it becomes more natural for you, you’ll be writing short 25-50+ word posts on all these platforms daily. Just takes a little time and effort.

You’ll respect your time and other people’s time

Once you start writing consistently you may start to like it. Instead of watching TV or going out for dinner you may think of staying in to finish that blog post or reading other blog posts to continue learning more about something of interest.

You’ll be putting a high value on your time. For example, if writing a 300 word blog post takes you 30 minutes per week and increases your traffic flow consistently day by day, what value can you put on that time? It really depends on if you’re making money from your blog or not but, free visitors can have a value too.

When doing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns you’re paying for each click and the person who clicks may leave your page immediately but, when you’re creating content that people are searching for and they happen to land on your site they’ll stay and come back for more.

Blogging creates a long-term traffic flow if you’re consistent with it. Paid traffic is great and can bring you sales a lot faster but once you stop paying for it the traffic also stops. Blog posts live on forever.

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You can make money blogging

As you write consistently and get better at it, before you know it people will be coming to you to build relationships. Building relationships is the best way to create long-term success in business. Isn’t it nice to have a hobby that draws people to you at no cost? Not just any people, people that are genuinely interested in what your blog is about.

As you grow your traffic flow and audience you will be building trust with people. Any products you recommend people will buy because they already know, like and trust you. They will most definitely buy any products that you create as well.

Another avenue to generate income with your blog is advertising. Most successful blogs generate the majority of their income from their own products but a constant source of income is banner advertising. Some say banners are dead. If they are then why do the top 100 websites in the world fill their sites with banners?

Once you build up a constant flow of lets say 100 visitors per day I would recommend you study your analytics and see what people are looking at on your site the most. From there choose the right products to advertise that provide real solutions for your visitors. Place your own banners (lightly).

Did I mention blogging is free?blogging page graphic, design elements, mouse, money symbol

Blogging just takes a little time and effort. So if you’ve got a lot of time and are willing to persevere then go for it. Don’t just quit your job and start blogging if you don’t have enough money to support your lifestyle for at least a whole year. Keep a job that will support your lifestyle and schedule time for your blog.

Blogging is a business so you have to treat it like that, if you don’t you won’t get any results. There are people who blog about a passion they have and are not looking to make money but only until they realize the possibility of monetizing their blog is when they decide to make money from blogging.

According to one of the world’s most successful bloggers, Ray Higdon, “a blog is the best way to generate leads.” Yet another reason to start blogging is to generate leads on autopilot.

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How To Setup A WordPress Blog – Choosing The Right Host

This is like choosing the right vehicle for your business; where all your files will be kept and accessed by each and every one of your visitors. Sure you can setup a free blog on but you won’t own any of the content on it. Also, will take care of what advertising is shown on it.

So, you need to buy a domain and install WordPress on it, which you can download from Once you’ve bought your domain you need to get hosting. I will not go over all of the hosting providers here but just two: GoDaddy and WP Engine. WP Engine works exclusively with WordPress sites but is a little more expensive then GoDaddy. They also have sales often so check out their site here WP Engine.

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Many hosting providers will also sell you the domain together as a package. Be sure to look for WordPress specific hosting. For example, GoDaddy has Managed WordPress hosting + domain packaged at an affordable price.

For more advanced users, the best solution overall is to get your own virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server. The only thing that needs to be done afterwards is software configuration. The recommended software options are Nginx and Apache. Server software allows you to install an automatic PageSpeed optimization tool, which will give you leverage over a lot of other sites that are running slow out there. Read more about PageSpeed on my blog A Primer On Page Load Speed.

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Installing WordPress

Sites like GoDaddy will install WordPress for you but if you bought your domain and hosting without that option then you’ll have to install it yourself. This is easy so no need to worry.

Just go to and download WordPress. It’s a zip file. Install the zip file on your server. The easiest way to do this is via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) like FileZilla or via cPanel-> File Manager->Upload file(s).

You’ll need FTP login details, which will be provided by your hosting provider. You can then connect to your website through the FTP client and upload or modify any files through there.

choosing a wordpress theme, screenshot of wordpress dashboard

Choosing the Right Theme

There are free and premium themes available for your WordPress site. You can easily change your theme by going to “Appearance” and then “Themes”. There you will see the themes that are already installed. You’ll have one that is active.

You can always add a theme by clicking “Add New” above. Find a theme that you like and activate it. For a free theme I recommend GeneratePress. For a premium theme I recommend Avada because it’s fully customizable.

If you want to download this theme go to the Theme Fusion Library and type “Avada” in the search box. If not you can search for any other theme on there just by using a keyword.

Avada also comes with a lot of extras out of the box such as, display related posts (at the bottom of each post), social media icons at the top of each page and bottom of each article for sharing, photo/video slideshows and a lot more. Having a theme like this really eliminates the need for separate plugins.

Also, you can always look into hiring a web designer to install or customize a theme for you on sites like Upwork or 99 Designs. If you’ve got some cash to spend on design ask around for any recommendations people may have before you invest. Ask the web designer if they know how to create custom designs. When taking this route you really want to think about how your site will work from page to page and it really helps to see it sketched out on paper.

After you’ve chosen your theme or design you can now create your first blog post. Make it short and sweet, like an introduction or greeting for the world to see. Remember content is going to be the number one reason people come to your site so, get your first post out of your system and get used to posting.

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Choosing and Installing the Right Plugins

The WordPress platform works with plugins so choosing the right ones is crucial to your blogging success. Although, plugins can really improve your workflow and writing experience, having too many plugins can slow the speed and performance of your site. Plugins are not the only way to run SEO on your WordPress website however. You can also visit websites like to use SEO services for your website.

Some WordPress installations come with Akismet (spam filter) and Jetpack plugins. You may have to update these, just go to plugins and click update. Jetpack includes tracking for your blog site and can automatically create a mobile version of your website just by checking a box. There are such examples, like this plugin right here – which duplicates content types for you at the click of a button – that can make even building the site a lot easier.

A good practice is to create a backup of your site before updating the WordPress software version using a plugin like BackWPup. The first plugin that everyone should install is Yoast SEO. This plugin streamlines the SEO for each page or posts you create on your site and is pretty much ready to use out of the box.

You may also want to install Google XML Sitemaps and WP Robots Txt. These two plugins will make sure that the search engines can see your site. Don’t install Google XML Sitemaps if you already have the Yoast SEO plugin, they do the same thing.

Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin that sets up a map of your site so Google can easily find information on your website. WP Robots Txt is a plugin that allows you to edit your robots.txt file from WordPress.

With my service I will install the following plugins:

  • Yoast SEO
  • WP Robots Txt
  • WP-Optimize
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Akismet
  • Jetpack
  • W3 Total Cache (c-panel hosting only)

Yoast SEO is the best WordPress plugin for search engine optimization. It comes ready to use and is easy to follow even for beginners with little SEO knowledge. ‘

With the WP Robots Txt plugin the search engines will be able to access your site and easily find new content.

WP-Optimize gets rid of a lot of the “fluff” that WordPress automatically produces in the background like auto-drafts and revisions.

EWWW Image Optimizer automatically optimizes your images upon import, meaning it makes the file size a lot smaller for a faster loading website.

Akismet comes with most WordPress installations, it helps you combat all the spam online today by blocking and screening any spam comments or registrations.

Jetpack has several features that you can use like an automatic mobile version of your website, extra widgets and stats.

More plugins such as, W3 Total Cache can be installed only with C-Panel hosting because cache plugins do not work well with shared hosting plans. However, there are some that will work well and if this is something that interests you then you could check out Shared web hosting – super fast here (obviously make sure that it does work for you first though).

Free WordPress Blog Setup For Your Success

The reason I recommend GoDaddy is because they’re the only hosting platform that has a way of managing clients website’s without them having to give me their password. With GoDaddy Pro I can access your account with your permission and you can remove access whenever you like.

All you have to do once you’ve got your hosting (with my special discount) is give me access to your account.

When prompted to how you would like to setup your blog select that you’d like to partner with someone and invite me by inputting this email:

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I’ll immediately receive an email and will have to accept access within 48 hours or else you’ll have to re-send the access. Once I accept, I can install WordPress, setup your theme of choice and install the list of plugins above.

When I’m done you’ll receive an email from confirming all work is done and I have removed access to your account.

That’s it! Your blog will be setup for maximum success and you can begin producing amazing content!

I look forward to helping as many businesses as possible extend their marketing efforts through blogging.

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