I Work With Creatives and Entrepreneurs

My passion is connecting with creatives and entrepreneurs to see how I can best help them achieve their dreams. I help them improve their business through online marketing. I’ve worked with photographers, artists, other small business owners and several six-figure earners in the marketing industry. Online marketing covers everything from website SEO to Google Ads to social media to much more so I think it’s important to decide which channels will bring in the most customers and focus on improving conversion rates.

Onelfri Villar at Brooklyn Bethel

My Story

My first experience with marketing was with a company called Vector Marketing. You’ve probably heard of their cutlery products (CUTCO). I did a summer job back in 2005 and did pretty well with it. At the end of the summer I was invited to open a new office with one of the managers but I couldn’t dedicate the time because I was still in school.

When I started university I studied design. By the way my background in design goes back to my high school years at the H.S. of Art & Design in Manhattan. After two years of university I decided to take some time off to make money. I did a few internships with art galleries and photography studios. Then I decided to go back and study fine arts in 2009.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. To pay for part of my education I started looking into work that I could do while in school. I needed to be able to make my own schedule and get paid full-time money for part-time work. I did some photography work on the side such as weddings and portraits.

Then I started my very first business doing field inspections for mortgage, insurance and preservation companies. It consisted of taking photos of houses and other commercial buildings. I managed about 4-5 employees over a three year period and made a good income with little work.

Sure fire formula for success: “Double your rate of failure.”

I finally figured out how to generate income while I was do something else. That something else was building my online profile and seeing how I could create a business online. Doing inspections was very time-consuming and was taking a toll on my cars. I wanted to be able to have the same income but without having to drive around so much and deal with companies that didn’t want to pay on time. I also wanted to work from anywhere in the world without worrying if work was getting done.

I finished my BFA (Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts) with the School of Visual Arts in 2013 and completed several online marketing courses at that point. I made several attempts at putting my inspection business online but had very little time to do it. In 2015 I had minimized my company down to just me and one other employee to focus more on my online work.

When I finally started seeing that I could get results and figured out what I wanted to do online that’s when I stopped doing the inspection business.

I now do online marketing and photography to make a living. Follow me on Instagram for more updates.

Future Goals

I often tend to mix marketing with photography and my dream is to create a company that offers marketing and advertising services strictly for creatives. It’s a service that’s lacking in our educational system. Especially that of private schools, where too much is focus is placed on cranking out work but, not enough on getting to know your audience and making sales.

I’m a native New Yorker. I like to travel, spend time with family and friends. Most of all I enjoy dedicating my time to helping others reach their goals in life so they can do more of their passion.

I’m now an active member of the Search Engine Marketing Industry Professionals Organization (SEMPO).

I started this blog that you’re reading right now on July 1st, 2015. In a few months I’ve been able to grow to over 500 visitors per month.


Some of the photographs on this website are my own and are copyright protected. If you would like to use or license any of them please contact me. Copyright © 2015 Onelfri Villar Photography

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