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Simplify Your Life With An Online Business: MOBE Review

This post will serve as a MOBE Review: My Online Business Education as well as an information piece for those considering starting an online business.  Mobe was founded by Matt Lloyd in 2011 and has grown exponentially since then.  His best-selling offer, My Top Tier Business, known as MTTB, is the front end product at $49.  In this article I will review all 21 Steps of the MTTB offer in detail.

Mobe is based on top-tier commissions.  If you have any knowledge of affiliate marketing then you know that most commissions are nothing, ranging from a few dollars to at most a few hundred dollars.  However, with top-tier commissions everything changes.  Mobe enables you to have up to $1,250, $3,300 and $5,500 commissions without ever making a phone call.

The MTTB product is designed to help newbies get started with their online business, it involves a great, easy to follow 21-Step Business Plan and a 30-Day Traffic Plan.

In affiliate marketing, with most companies there is very little margin to make.  For example, Amazon’s highest commission is 8-9% and you have to be selling thousands to make that much.  With MOBE, as an affiliate you start making 90% commissions once you’re accepted into the MTTB program.

You can really take advantage of the system if you become a licensee.  When you become a Mobe License Rights (MLR) member you gain access to a full library of training products and, most importantly the right to license MOBE as your own offer.  By doing this you’ll be getting $1,250 in commissions.  The commissions are even higher if you want to do the phone sales on your own, which there are training videos for but it is recommended that you leave phone sales for later if you do not have experience.  MOBE’s phone sales team is responsible for the majority of the payouts that licensee’s are getting most likely while they’re sleeping.

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MTTB Review: 21-Step Program

So, the steps are divided into segments where you have to contact your coach to unlock the next segment.  The way each person progresses through the 21-steps is unique and molded to each individual by the coaching team.  What I am going to share with you is my experience with My Top Tier Business (MTTB).  This is a members area preview for those considering purchasing the program.

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Steps 1 – 6

The first segment is 6 videos long and each video varies in length from 13-44 minutes.  These serve as an introduction to the Top Tier business model and why it’s better than most business models, including the franchise business model.

A key lesson in the first segment is having a sales funnel that works for you.  Matt Lloyd uses the comparison of a vending machine that steals your money versus one that gives you more than what you put in.  Another point is the tactical triangle: traffic -> conversions -> economics (the real starting point) and, inside of the triangle is the 80/20 principle (Pareto’s Law).  This triangle is crucial for success in any business really; it is the model for making profit.

If you don’t make profit in your business then you can’t scale up.  This is the mistake that most businesses make at the beginning.  They make some profit and spend it right away and invest nothing back into their business wondering why it fails later on.  At this point you have to contact your coach to get to the next step.

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Steps 7 – 10

After step 7 you’re are given access to your affiliate links.  The next segment, videos 7-10 introduces you to the additional resources Mobe provides like private 1-on-1 coaching, daily podcasts and webinars.  It also reveals the platform used for payouts and how you can increase your commissions to $3,300 and $5,500 by moving your business to the next level with Mastermind Programs: Titanium Mastermind and Platinum Mastermind.

Throughout the entire program there are supplementary videos from live events and testimonials.  Mobe is really a done for you system like no other available today.  Here is a free webinar you can attend for more information.

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Steps 11 – 15

After you’ve contacted your coach to open up videos 11-15 you can begin this segment.  These steps focus on how the Mobe Sales Funnel does most of the work for you along with around 50+ employees around the world, not including the phone team.  It also explains the Mobe Compensation Plan.  The Mobe Compensation Plan basically explains the extent of commissions and residual income.

This segment also covers the many Live Events that Mobe has and the Mobe Motors Program, which is a way of incentivizing Mobe Partners to do their best every month.  The Mobe Motors Program gives you a choice of a brand new vehicle paid for by Mobe only after making your first five sales as a licensee!  It used to be Mobe Merc, for Mercedes cars only but now you can get anything with a motor in it, paid for by Mobe.

Steps 16 – 18

After speaking with your coach again you can proceed to the next steps.  Steps 16 through 18 go over how you can be more productive with your online business and how you can get financing.  Step 18 covers proven traffic generating methods.

There is a 30-day Traffic Plan that comes right after the 21-Steps (included) to guide you on this.  If you’re already an MLR member you have access to the Traffic Masters Academy, which is one of the best traffic courses available online today, I also talk about it in a previous post.  With lessons from John Chow, Shaqir Husyin and Matt Lloyd himself there is no other course that reveals traffic secrets like this one and gives you a step-by-step breakdown of how to implement them.

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Steps 19 – 21

At this point you’re already at the end of the 21-Step Program and have learned what it takes to make money online.  With these last three steps, in order to proceed from one step to the other you need to speak with your coach.

The last few steps explain how Mobe has other opportunities like joining their phone sales team to increase your commissions to $1,625, $4,800 and $8,000 PER SALE.  Then they go on to explain how important it is to know your WHY.

Why do you want to have an online business?  This is a very important question and will define your success.  Finally, you are given access to the 30-day traffic plan.

mttb system members area, steps 16-18, videos, mobe review, mttb review


The21-Step program, MTTB review result: My Top Tier Business is really a great program.  You get all of this intense online marketing training for just $49.  In fact there’s even a trial version to prove that it works.  Additionally, you don’t only get the training but, you get a bunch of informational PDFs, weekly webinars, podcasts and the ability to promote MOBE as your own offer.  So, if you’re really struggling to make money online watch this ==>> Free Video.

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