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If you’re an Internet marketer or blogger of any kind, you should have come across the “make money online” niche. There is already a tonne of money making apps that people can take advantage of. This niche is one of the most popular in the marketing world today. In fact in July 2015 alone there were over 1.7 million searches on Google for this keyword. Many have chased after the dream, few have succeeded and others actually share their results. If you’re thinking of starting an online business, you’ll need a web hosting service. For help choosing the best one, take a look at Hosting Institute. One popular way to make money is through stocks, which can be achieved with the help of Stocktrades online. In this post, I will share a make money online case study about a woman named Raena Lynn.

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Before I get into the actual case study let me tell you why case studies are so effective:

  • People can relate to them on a personal level
  • It’s easier to learn from those who practice what they teach
  • They not only provide how-to knowledge on a specific topic but also the when and why knowledge.

In other words, case studies teach you the concept of something, which can only be learned through a lived experience. If you can learn the concept behind making money online then, the question of how to make money online becomes secondary.

It’s easy to write about the theory of how you can create an income online but to learn from a real, lived experience is far better.

On with the case study.

A Story of A Hard Working American Teacher

Originally from California, Raena Lynn used to be a teacher for about 13 years and was barely scraping by. She has two daughters. Like most Americans, Raena was living paycheck to paycheck to the point where she could no longer support her daughters.

To make matters worst, the economy was bad and she could no longer find work as a teacher.

Raena, unlike a lot of new marketers, had a long interest in marketing and in being an entrepreneur. Even before the search engine Google launched and the blogging explosion of the early 2000s.

“Working for somebody felt like prison.”

She was tired of working for somebody and began to search for an alternative. She tried several different marketing companies and would jump from one to the other. None of them really worked until she found MOBE (My Online Business Education). I’ll talk more about MOBE later.

It was really slow at the beginning for her. She didn’t start making tens of thousands overnight or even thousands in her first few months. A lot of those stories you hear that try and convince you that anyone can start making crazy amounts of money within a few days are not telling you the whole story.

There’s no such thing as an easy online job. A job will always be a job as the well-known saying goes. When you decide to start an online business so you can start making money online, remember that you’re starting a business. You must treat it like that, even though physical products and a team of people are not involved yet. Of course, when you have your own team behind you, you will want to start thinking of solutions to implement that will allow you to manage them easier, such as HR software by Zenefits.

With success most people see only the success part and they don’t see everything else that leads to it. It takes time to succeed with most things in life. If you don’t believe that and think you can be an overnight success then try learning to play the piano overnight. Or try learning to play any instrument overnight. Believe me it takes time and effort.

So Raena finally made her first $500 sale in marketing and it felt great. She struggled so much that at one point she believed she would be homeless and packed all her things in her car. She packed her sleeping bags, clothes, food etc.

She needed to earn money but couldn’t find any work teaching so, around 2010 she started working at McDonald’s. A grown woman with great teaching credentials working at McDonald’s. She worked there for two and a half years. Everyday she brought her laptop and would work on her online marketing business at lunch, on her breaks and when she got home. People thought she was crazy.

By this point most people would have given up but Raena persevered. She didn’t quit. She’s just a teacher and could’ve easily said this is not for me.

She hung in there. Then came the most embarrassing day of her life.

Worst Day of Her Life

In Raena’s own words, “The worst day of my life was December 15th. I’ll never forget that day.” With her job at McDonald’s she was barely making enough to pay her rent. Battling teenagers for hours to make only $850/month.

One day her two daughters came to visit and as they walked through the door she realized they were carrying bags of groceries. Her daughters had to buy her groceries.

That was really embarrassing because as a parent she was supposed to be providing for her children and not the other way around. She knew her daughters meant well though.

From here on out she decided to spell out her goals and what she wanted in a dream job. They were the following:

  • I want to work WHERE I want.
  • I want to work WHEN I want.
  • I want to work HOW I want.
  • I want to feel good about the work I do.

She added in some requirements and practical steps with details on how to reach these goals. This is easier said then done.

In 2012 when MOBE introduced the Top-Tier system that’s when she really began to make money with this system. She had a $14,000 month. From there on she continued making sales, attended masterminds all over the world and really started scaling her business. Today she has quit her job and has become financially free.

What is MOBE?

MOBE stands for My Online Business Education. It’s a company started by Matt Lloyd, from Perth, Australia.

MOBE is on a mission to become the number 1 small business training company in the world. To date it has inspired numerous entrepreneurs with valuable resources so they can get started right away with their small business. I am one of those people.

Before MOBE I was just perusing the Internet searching for information on how to get started with my online business. I found several resources on affiliate marketing and e-commerce that charged thousands just to get started and didn’t really provide any value upfront before payment.

I’m not going to name the companies here but one company offered training on how to get started with affiliate marketing for just under $2,000. I went ahead and paid. The training was information that I’ve could’ve found on a beginning-intermediate level marketing blog, for free.

The training sessions weren’t even setup by you and they just called you at random times. All they really did was review the same information in the training program and didn’t really guide you towards getting results. I was also very confused on what I should be focusing on first because it can be very overwhelming.

Once I got started with MOBE’s 21-Step program, now called 45-Minute PayDays, I knew exactly what I had to do. I needed to choose the method of traffic I was going to focus on and practice it everyday. I chose blogging to start and am now getting started with PPC (pay-per-click).

The reason I chose blogging was because I really didn’t have any money to put into traffic. So I bought this same domain that you’re reading this blog post on now. I purchased it on July 1st, 2015. Today I’ve grown my blog to 500 monthly visitors since then.

All of the training and coaching MOBE offers is by people who have already achieved real results and that’s why it works. They’re also one of the only companies back in 2011 teaching that not only does traffic + conversions = sales but you’ve got to get the economics of your business right first.

MOBE has paid out over $37 million in affiliate commissions in less than 5 years. It’s probably the reason why they’ve grown so quickly because they focus on giving the most value as possible.

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The Internet is filled with business and income opportunities. Raena Lynn is living proof of that. She even considers herself a “jumper”, someone who bought several different programs and jumped from one to the other.

She was able to reach success with MOBE and she’s only a teacher. Honestly, if she could do it then anyone can.

She now attends $10,000 masterminds around the world in Cabo, Fiji, Thailand and others.

Raena has achieved extraordinary results. Not everyone who decides to start an online business achieves these kinds of results.

It’s a real make money online case study. Raena proved to herself and others that it’s possible but through hard work and perseverance.

To see some more case studies see the 45 Minute Paydays website.

“You have to have faith in yourself. Be tenacious. Don’t quit.”