What does Google have to do with Alphabet?

Alphabet is a parent company that was created to have Google underneath it.  This just happened Monday, August 10th in case you didn’t realize.  Alphabet is a holding company Google is creating as an umbrella or owner of Google that will be managing several side projects such as, Calico (technology that extends human life), Google X (aims to develop “science fiction sounding solutions” – like Google Glass), Fiber (super-fast internet service & TV), Nest (“the internet of things” – Google bought that too), Ventures and Capital (investing in start-ups).

A new CEO for Google was named in the process: Sundar Pichai and CEO of Alphabet is Larry Page, both co-founders of Google.

Google: the search engine we all use

Google owns 70% of online searches.  They’re a $500 billion company that owns YouTube, Android and are becoming even bigger with Alphabet.

When most people hear Google they think a search engine but it is a lot more than that.  Google has been pushing the envelope with research and technology.  It began with a search engine that wanted to make all the information in the world available to everyone and it is now much, much more.  That is the reason why Alphabet was created, to separate these other endeavors as their own thing.  Allowing a more organized and focused approach to all of their investments (mentioned above).

Google, Alphabet and what it all has to do with the future of Internet Marketing

With Alphabet, Google is focusing on the future.  Technologies like driverless cars have already hit the streets of New York City.  With Google x they’re even developing the possibility of teleporting to other planets.  So what of the future of marketing?  How will all these technologies influence the direction where marketing is headed?

“Your cellphone today has more computer power than NASA when they put two men on the moon”, says theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.  For example, the price of smartphone technology today is nothing compared to 20-30 years ago.  The microchip is cheaper then ever and it’ll only keep on getting cheaper.  In the past decade, marketing has leaned towards the Internet.  The future will only further capitalize on cheap technology.

I can imagine print advertising and direct mail marketing becoming digital.  You know how you can buy a card in your local pharmacy that sings you a song?  That’s a microchip in there.  In the future, you’ll probably receive a direct mail piece of digital paper filled with microchips that you can later throw away.

Remember the days you had to connect to the Internet?  And, it actually took a few minutes depending on your connection speed.  Today we are always connected, that is a huge difference from 10-12 years ago.  The next few decades will only exaggerate this.  Where we will not only always be on the Internet but also always engaging with it.  Google Glass is a perfect example that is going towards making contact lenses with Google x research projects.

future of internet marketing, Google glass digital contact lenses

Future of Internet Marketing (trends)

One word: mobility.  When people ask what is the future of Internet marketing?  The very first answer that should come up is mobility.  The percentage of mobile users on the Internet has been increasing over the past few years.  More and more people are using their phones and tablets to access the Internet on the go, not to mention wearable technology (watches).  So marketing will become mobile-oriented.  We can already we can see how advertisements have integrated into our mobile apps.

With a driverless car no one will ever be looking at the road.  People aren’t looking at the road today, they’re just looking down at their cell phones, not only drivers but passengers too.  Which is the reason why billboard advertising doesn’t work as effectively as a few years ago.

Snapchat.  Here’s an app that quickly gained popularity over the past few years.  It already has more than 100 million users.  Advertisers are leveraging Snapchat and integrated their branding with its  users.  For example, the recent “Straight Outta Compton” filter that changed according to your location: “Straight Outta New York” (i.e.).  People are taking videos and photos with this filter and are branding the movie Straight Outta Compton.  They’re becoming the ad.  This is targeted advertising at its best.  So, here the advertisement does not interrupt you in your daily activities, it naturally becomes a part of it.

john chow dot come straight outta compton mobe check almost $2 million

John Chow (Blogging Master) Branding “Straight Outta …” MOBE

Providing amazing (evergreen) content and value will always be of great importance.  The future of Internet Marketing will bring more engagement between user and brand.  The Facebook fan page is just a beginning piece, where fans can post on any wall and engage with real people from any business.  They can share their ideas and views.  This reminds me of Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign.  These strategies will only intensify in the future.

Video marketing will become more prominent because people love visual storytelling.  How many of us would rather read a tutorial than watch one?  All the social media channels have made video an integral part of their strategy, most recently Twitter.

Video will be supplemented with virtual reality and augmented reality.  Where you could visit the ruins of Babylon and walkthrough as if it were at the height of the empire.  Think of how this relates to marketing in general.  Visualization can be personalized for the viewer looking to purchase your product.  The viewer can then visualize and experience the benefits a product provides, instantly and for free.

Visualization can be extremely powerful; we all know the power of vision boards.  Think of why and how we create vision boards.  We put things on them that we really like and want and that’s how we reach our goals.  The vision board of the future will be created for us by the massive data compiled with modern analytics.  Analytics will also improve, being more personal and real to each individual.  Imagine that, a vision board that’s catered to each individual prospect and verified by that same prospect.  The future of Internet Marketing is exciting.

Google is making strides with their new umbrella company, Alphabet.  Investing in research on robotics, health-enhancing technologies, wearable technologies and many other things that we once thought would only be in science fiction movies.  Other futuristic companies to watch are Honda with the world’s smartest robot: Asimo and, Elon Musk’s SpaceX (company that builds rocket ships) and Tesla motors: a well known electric car company that’s now eating away at BMW’s, Mercedes’ and Audi’s sales.

future of internet marketing, mobile phone with futuristic apps

I would love to know what you think about the future of Internet marketing and if you think I missed something.  Please feel free to comment below and share this post if you gained value from it.

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