As affiliate marketers all we want is people to see our content. So time and time the question that is most asked’s: how do I get more traffic?

Although more traffic may seem like the answer, the real answer is more targeted traffic. Because the real question behind “How do I get more traffic?” is “How do I convert my traffic into sales?”

So, do you really need more traffic or more conversions? The answer is simple really. You need more conversions. More traffic won’t necessarily help you but more targeted traffic will. There are many companies out there that provide the services of SEO that businesses can take advantage of, especially if you are a start up company. Even using the assistance of top SEO consultants could be a great move to make.
If you are just starting out in the world of business, you will eventually find that there are many programs online that you can use to help with the digital marketing side of your business. By looking into something as helpful as the Yext alternatives list at, you could find the right company that caters to your needs. There’s no harm in getting a bit of assistance, especially if it can help your business become successful.

“If you have 1,000 true fans, 1,000 people who will drive across the country to see you perform, 1,000 people who will tell their friends, that is enough to make an impact.” – Seth Godin

What does it matter if you have two million followers on Twitter if only 100,000 of them are going to buy your product when its released? Those 100,000 are the ones that matter.

In this post I’m going to talk about how you can get more traffic that will translate into sales as an affiliate marketer.

This post does not address the basic knowledge on how to setup your website initially and getting your content seen. If you’d like to learn more about this then read my other posts: Get My Website Seen and SEO: How to be Number 1 on Google Search.

It All Starts With Content

What exactly is web traffic? It’s people visiting a particular website. When there’s a lot of people visiting a website then we say “that website is getting a lot of traffic.”

Think about what brings a person to click-through to your website. It’s content and it starts with the first thing they see.

Usually a headline or an ad with a photo that also has a headline. So, headlines are extremely important. Hence writing great copy is a skill all affiliate marketers need if they want to get more traffic and conversions.

Writing great copy is a skill you can use throughout all affiliate marketing efforts, including email marketing, sales pages or sales videos, calls to action, product descriptions, video titles or podcasts, social media updates, webinars and all web pages.

You don’t have to be the best or a rockstar copywriter but it’s worth investing in a course at least. The more you write the better you’ll get.

Now, today almost everyone is getting onboard with content marketing. So not only do you have to be good at content marketing but you also have to do it within the right context.

Create content worth consuming and create it in the place where people are consuming the most content.

For example, today the majority of Internet use comes from mobile devices. If you’re not reading this from your mobile phone then it’s most likely within hands reach.

So, what does this mean for affiliate marketers that want to succeed in 2016 and beyond? That they need to be creating content that’s optimized for mobile.

According to CMS Report, “Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates.” (2015)

Ok, we get it. Mobile is essential. But, as an affiliate marketer what content should you be producing specifically for mobile?

video marketing statistics

By this point most people are educated on content marketing or will be by the end of this year. A popular tool content marketers use is BuzzSumo. Why is that? Because BuzzSumo lets you know what blog posts got the most shares and who shared them. It also gives you great ideas for headlines.

Social sharing is beneficial for SEO (search engine optimization). For example, if Google sees your blog post got 1,000+ shares then it’s going to assume your content is helpful and give you a boost in the search engines.

The above graphic clearly states that video content on social media gets 1200% more shares than images and text combined. Lets talk a little more about this.

Create Video Content on Social Media

Are you having trouble getting more likes on your Facebook page? Did you know that Facebook has the highest engagement with native video? If you can consistently upload video content to your Facebook business page you’re guaranteed to reach more people and get more engagement.

According to TechCrunch, “Facebook now sees 100 million hours of daily video watch time.” Wow, that’s 100 million hours. That’s almost 11,408 years in total. Also, Facebook last reported 8 billion daily video views.

Enter Snapchat. ? That’s cute the ghost on a yellow background says. ?. Remember, Facebook has over 1.55 billion users. Snapchat has only 100 million users and 7 billion daily video views. Snapchat’s daily video views will overtake Facebook’s in the coming months.

mobile snapchat, video

There you have it. People are spending most of their time online consuming video content on social media. What’s your Social Media Video Content Strategy?

As marketers we need to leverage this kind of data and culture shift. No matter who your target market they’re sure to be part of these platforms.

Once you’ve realized you need a video content plan, the next step is to make sure it’s tailored to your specific audience. I say specific because that’s where even more conversions happen.

Next, I’ll talk about how long tail keywords can improve your overall SEO efforts, whether on a website, blog or social media profile. Which in end all equals more traffic to your website and/or affiliate offers.

Harness the Power of Long Tail

Long tail is a phrase that’s been used in business and marketing for quite some time. It means less demand for more niched-down areas.

Keywords that are 1-2 words in length are searched for a lot. But long tail keywords are 4 or more words in length. Long tail keywords are a lot of search phrases that don’t get searched for as much.

This is why you should spend a lot time doing your research on the keywords that you would use and what would work best for you. So for example, if you are in a business that is involved with Japanese products then you will want to make sure that you check out something like this Keyword research Japanese. This way you will know that you have the right keywords for your business. Obviously, you have to find what works best for you and your business though.

Most of the time though, long tail trumps the head (shorter keywords), as you can see in this graphic below. Meaning that the amount of long tail keywords is a lot more than the shorter keyword phrases.

long tail keywords seo

Everyone wants to rank in the top three spots in Google for short keyword phrases. The above graphic shows you can actually drive more traffic to your site by focusing on the long tail. These keywords are easier to rank and convert.

You can also always drive traffic to a post with long tail keywords and within that post link to your content that focuses on more competitive keywords. This is known as driving traffic from the tail to the head.

World renown marketer Neil Patel, owner of 4 different software companies says, “It’s difficult to know the user intent behind head keywords, but much easier when a user inputs a longer variation of any search term.”

The reason why long tail keywords are less competitive is because they are so many of them and it’s a lot harder to focus on all of them. The reason why they convert better because many times they are a direct match to what people are searching for.

Now don’t think that if you’re going after less competitive keywords you’re automatically considering yourself a smaller player. Most of the largest companies in the world integrate a long tail keyword strategy into their marketing.

For example, Amazon generates 57% of sales from long tail keywords:

amazon long tail traffic strategy

Bigger companies like Amazon have the resources and budget to target more “head” keywords so they do. That leaves a lot of long tail options for those with smaller businesses to search for. There are many ways to come up with long tail keyword ideas.

We can use Google autosuggest, related keywords at the bottom of a Google search, Quora, Buzzsumo and many other ones. Here’s a short video from my YouTube channel where I go over a few of these.

Long tail keywords are all over the Internet for us to discover, we just have to put in the time to find them. There are several tools out there that make this entire process a lot easier, where tens of thousands of long tail keywords are found within seconds. One I recommend is Long Tail Pro.

Remember these are great tools but only if used correctly. As mentioned before, your long tail keyword strategy needs to speak to user intent first. So always include your long tail keywords naturally in your content: titles, sub-titles anchor text, paragraph text and markup.

A quick example. Instead of focusing on the keyword “marketing coach” you can focus on “how to find your best marketing coach.”

marketing coach google results-2-20-16 marketing coach long tail keyword research

Just by doing a quick Google search we can see there is 1/3 less competition for the long tail keyword. This is only a start. We can input variations of these into Google Keyword Planner and come up with more ideas that have less competition but a good amount of demand.

marketing coach long tail keyword planner

We can already see some of ideas here. By targeting long tail keywords naturally in your content your search traffic will increase. Remember 70% of searches are long tail and those keywords yield 2.5x more conversions.

Your content has to be in-depth to outrank the other posts in the top spots. Long form content ranks better because it provides more value. As an affiliate marketer if you write in-depth product reviews, that make use of the long tail you can drive a lot of targeted visitors.

Another great way to drive targeted traffic to your website is with an inbound marketing method known as guest posting.

inbound marketing definition

Drive Inbound Links with Guest Posting

The reason why guest posting brings you targeted traffic is because people view you as an authority on the topic you’re writing about. If your guest post is about “how to gain your first 10,000 followers on Instagram”, then people will see you as an Instagram marketing authority.

As with all content marketing and SEO, guest posting takes time to bring you lots of traffic. More importantly, it can bring you targeted leads that are ready to purchase.

A guest post usually includes an inbound link to your website which increases the overall SEO of the page you link to. If done correctly it can give your site a boost in the search rankings.

When guest posting the most important thing you must do is research. Research what type of content you’re going to write about on the site. Ask yourself the following:

  • What content are they missing that I can add? What can I bring to the table?
  • What content resonates well with their audience?
  • Does it align with my audience?

Not only should you be doing this for guest posting but you should already know your target audience. Having a buyer persona can really help with this. Here’s an example of what you want to know about your audience:

buyer persona example

As you can see it doesn’t just include simple demographics. Things like objections and challenges they’re having in their business are crucial to pointing out your ideal customer.

One of the most prolific guest bloggers, Neil Patel says,

“Writing to a broad audience (e.g., internet marketing) may not be the right approach to guest blogging. That’s because every customer/blog reader is at a different stage in the customer buying cycle.”

So you want to get specific. The reason you want to know these things is to tailor your marketing message accordingly. You can have more than one buyer persona.

Once you have the details down for your own business, you can repeat the process for the site you’ll be guest blogging on. It takes a little time but it’s worth it. Remember, when it comes to blogging, you can always add more value. If you’re already blogging at least once a week then make the effort to guest blog once a week, the results can be amazing.

Look at this case study by Pamela Vaughan on HubSpot:

guest blogging case study, hubspot

As a result of 28 guest posts her search traffic nearly tripled! All of these guest posts were on smaller sites that quickly accepted her post and posted it within a few days.

The second most important thing in guest blogging is you want to leave a link somewhere. Whether in your content, preferably at the end or the beginning, or in your bio. If you can do both of these then that’s great.

Some websites don’t let you link to yourself within the content so, check with them first. Most of the larger blogs won’t let you do that but, if you target smaller blogs that have an audience similar to yours its a win-win.

Most smaller blogs let you link within the content and you can use anchor text. Meaning the actual text in your hyperlink is similar to the title of the website/page you’re linking to (the text that is the blue link).

As far as the content you’ll be linking to, you want to think about your goals for the post first. If you have a capture page you want to send people to then you’ll use a different strategy as oppose to sending traffic to one of your blog posts.

Are you guest blogging to build your list of email subscribers or are you building links to increase search traffic?

As an affiliate marketer you may want to increase your list of email subscribers because you know you can build trust that way. If you don’t have a lead magnet (free give away) then I advise you guest blog to build links.

To find some good sites in the affiliate marketing niche to guest post on you can do a simple Google search:

submit guest post google search

Two sites I know in this space that accept guest posts are: and There are a lot more out there. For more on guest posting see my resources page. Also see The Definitive Guide by Brian Dean.


A great way to drive targeted visitors to your website is by doing interviews. You can do them on a podcast or video. Being interviewed is another awesome way of leveraging someone’s audience. Let’s talk a bit about finding people to interview.

If you don’t think industry leaders will answer your request for an interview, think again. You’d be surprised how often interview requests are fulfilled. I mean, who doesn’t like saying, “I was interviewed today.”

So instead of thinking negatively and saying “no one will answer my request for an interview so, I won’t even send them out.” Message the top ten industry leaders in your niche/space with a compelling invitation. Think about what’s in it for them?

Will they get more traffic from your site because it’s growing rapidly? Will you feature the interview on a social media platform where you have a substantial following? If so, definitely lead with that in your message.

Another benefit for them can be that you’ve found something on their site or business they can improve. For instance, if you see they’re producing great content and promoting it on Facebook well but, you see they can spike their traffic if they focus on Instagram more, mention that. Have some real data to prove it.

You want to look like you’ve done your research on the person or company. Because there are so many interviews (I’ve seen) where the interviewer has no idea what the interviewee is about. Or what they’ve even accomplished. Even worse they don’t even know the name of the interviewee’s companies. So believe me you have a shot by doing your homework.

Once you’ve done the interview publish it on your blog and/or social media channels. Make sure you give them a backlink and a shoutout when you do. This will only increase your reach and will probably cause them to do the same. This works really well on Twitter, when done right.

Twitter is one of the only social media platforms that’s basically a huge conversation. With their recent update this has changed a bit, but for the better. If you mention someone in your Tweet their followers can see that too. So use it wisely.

Make sure to get a video or audio transcript of the interview done on Fiverr to have some written content to go along with your post.

Before you do the interview, a quick tip is to make sure you formulate 10-15 questions (with follow-ups) that you haven’t heard in any of their last interviews. Industry leaders do interviews a lot so when doing your research go on YouTube and watch several of them first.

Remember, be persistent in your approach but don’t bug them. You can send an email but I think it’s better to catch their attention on the platform they are most active on. For example, if you see they consistently post multiple times a day on Facebook then send them a message on there.

All this is is networking and when done right, in a genuine way you can achieve amazing results.

Once you’ve done your first few interviews, I’d advise looking into doing “expert roundup posts”. Where you ask a specific amount of experts (i.e. 47) for their opinion on a topic in your niche. Just 2-3 questions and a few minutes of their time. Do the same as above. Record and transcript. This is fantastic user generated content.

religion over tactic, garyvee

Influencer Outreach

Reach out to the influencers in your niche. This is not new, it’s now easier then ever to reach out to people who were impossible to reach 10 years ago. Don’t underestimate yourself.

Tor Refsland, founder of TimeManagementChef says in 2016

“Nothing is more important than to build relationships with other influential marketers.”

It’s our job as marketers to see find the influencers in our niche. This depends on the platform because someone who has a huge influential blog site might not have as big a following on other platforms.

Let’s take Instagram as an example. The prolific internet marketer John Chow has only a few thousand followers on Instagram. So it wouldn’t be a good idea to reach out to him to grow your Instagram account. On the other hand, it would be a great idea to reach out to him about your blog and even become a contributor for his top-ranking blog.

You could start by sending him an email through his website. If you get no response, follow up and make sure it reached him. You can also reach him on Facebook or Twitter for a faster response.

You’re not only doing outreach to be a contributor but to share your thoughts on their content. Congratulate them for a great piece of content they published lately. Tell them what you liked about it and mention the link.

Then you can mention a recent post of yours they might like. Definitely mention any wins you’ve had lately. For example, a piece of content you wrote that generated a lot of traffic and leads. Show data with screenshots.

Tor Refsland, mentioned above says blogger outreach only takes him about 2 hours per week. Even I’m guilty of not implementing this strategy enough. If you don’t have 2 hours a week to get these kinds of results (then maybe try another platform):

“In my first year of blogging… I wrote a post that generated 20,231 page views in 6 days, 1500+ social shares and 80 comments.” – Tor Refsland

Find out who are the top ten influencers in your niche and start connecting with them on a few channels. Engage with their content and send them a message/note. No need to pitch them right away, just connect. Give a sincere compliment or ask for their advice.

Simple rules to keep in mind when reaching out:

  • Give first. Add value.
  • Don’t expect anything in return.
  • Focus on them.
  • Keep it short and simple.

Basically, if you’re not able to match with them on any level, traffic, following etc., then definitely DO NOT ask for anything.

When you reach out to people in an honest manner, great things can happen. For more on influencer marketing see this Connect with Influencers course by John Corcoran.

“Succeeding in business is all about making connections. It’s all about personal contact. You need to get out and about, meeting people and developing relationships.” – Sir Richard Branson

When you start reaching out to people and do those small things upfront without expecting anything in return, you’ll learn how to build an amazing network of like-minded people.

Now, we can’t have a post about traffic that doesn’t talk about email marketing.

Email Marketing

This post about how you can get more targeted traffic as an affiliate marketer. So, as mentioned in my Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide it’s critical to build relationships. One of the best ways to build a relationship with your audience is through email marketing.

I’m going to share with you what I learned recently an event called the Traffic and Conversion Summit. This is a high-level mastermind where only those that are making multiple millions come and open the doors to their businesses and share exactly what they’re doing to generate leads and sales.

Many times when you buy an info-product online there’s a survey right after, either on a web page or through email. Do you know that the number one answer to “How did you hear about us?”, a question asked by a company that’s made over $150 million online, was email?

These are customers answering and saying they heard about the company through emails they received!

Email marketing is a great way to continue providing value for your audience. When you’re in someone’s inbox it’s more private so you want to always give more than expected.

Don’t just send emails saying buy this thing or that thing. Mix it up with stories and value you gained from other places like a course or paid mastermind.

Put Your Data and Analytics into Action

A quick way to get targeted traffic is to make use of data with all of the free analytics available today. There’s really an endless list of social media and web analytic tools. Most are paid but offer a lot value for free.

See this post for a list of web analytic tools.

Google Analytics is great to see where your traffic is coming from. You can see what pages are being visited the most and why. If you have lead magnets on those pages then you can even track which ones are being downloaded the most.

Once you know these types of things then you can repeat them. For example, a blog post I wrote a couple months ago, Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing generated a few dozen leads and almost tripled my search traffic.

december2015search january2016search

You can also find keywords that people are using to find your site. Not all of the keywords are listed but you will find those that are typed in the most.

See this amazing infographic by Quicksprout for how to use Google Analytics to improve your marketing.


It all comes down to quantity and quality of traffic. If you get a lot of traffic that’s not targeted, or not quality then you won’t make any sales. But if you get a lot of targeted traffic then you’ll make a lot of sales.

Everything I’ve explained in this blog post will get you targeted traffic, some take longer than others. You shouldn’t try and do all of them at the same time though. I recommend, especially if you don’t have a team, to do one at a time and get really good at it first. Either that, or speak to a Customer Journey Optimization specialist to help with the process.

The new landscape of affiliate marketing in 2016 has pushed out sites that publish low-quality content and is moving high-quality sites up the rankings. One of the only ways to compete is to drive targeted traffic to your website with quality content. That content has to address specific needs for a specific audience.

Let me know what’s working for you in affiliate marketing right now in the comments below.

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