Facebook Engagement. Do You Want More?

How To Increase Facebook Engagement With Proven Social Media Marketing Techniques

With some paid traffic training, in just two days I got hundreds of Facebook engagements: likes, shares and, post clicks on my Facebook fan page:

Facebook Engagement

The stats above are peaked when my ads were running then; they go down once I turn the ad off.

With Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising it is now easier to market yourself on the internet but you have to know how to do it.  Many have struggled with Facebook Engagement in their advertising, this why I am writing this post to share the insights I have gained.  Also, I am assuming that you already have a Facebook Fan Page aside from your regular profile page.  This is important because, you want this to be about your brand and, focused on your business.

Location Targeting: Online or Offline?

To be successful using Facebook PPC there are different techniques, depending on if your business is based online or offline.  If you’re a physical business with an actual storefront then, you’ll want to focus your ads on a specific area, preferably within a certain mile radius of your store.  Also, you’ll only want that to be around 100,000 people.  But, if you’re an online business with an online storefront then, location doesn’t really matter.  You still wouldn’t want to have too broad a focus though.  So, how do we narrow our focus when it comes to advertising on Facebook?

Facebook Engagement

Digging out your niche

More Targeting

Facebook offers a number of ways to target your audience: age, language, location, interests, employment, habits, your fans or not your fans and, even friends of your fans.  There are so many ways to narrow your targeting.  You have to remember though that all of this runs on code and, there are always glitches.  So, word of advice is to not mix and match all of these targeting techniques, try to stick to interests along with age, language and location.  If you are targeting employment than don’t mess with interests or habits.  Another important thing is when you run your ad do not change and tweak that same ad.  If it’s not working for you then turn it off and create a new ad.  Also, always chose an end and start date, never run ads indefinitely.

Get into your ideal customer’s head

Now, one of the most important rules in online marketing is you must know your customer and, if you’re targeting millions and millions of people this just makes it harder for you.  This is why you want to focus your ads on a specific group of people who share your interests.  Also, knowing what age group is going to respond to your ad.  Are singles or parents more likely to respond?  Do you want high spenders?  It goes on and on but getting to know your ideal customer is where it all starts.  You will be catering to their needs and desires therefore, creating more engagement on your Facebook page.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are my customer’s hopes, fears and desires?
  • Am I selling to my customer’s emotions?
  • Are there any products they’ve already bought?  If so, which ones?
  • How am I setting myself apart in the marketplace?  What is my Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

This is how you can really get into the heads of your customers and increase sales, which is really the point of creating more Facebook Engagement in the first place.  The more specific you can get regarding interests or, what you’re ideal customer is thinking, the better.  My next post will be about automation and further targeting techniques used in marketing.

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