Even if you’re new to Internet marketing you’ve most likely come across paid advertising. Whether it’s Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or other display advertising, it takes a bit of work to get a positive return on investment (ROI) from any of these. It goes like this: You design the perfect ad with copy then you send clicks to a page that’s designed to convert. ClickFunnels makes designing your entire sales funnel a breeze that even a beginner can do it. Even if you’re not entirely sure how to do it, you can get clickfunnels templates to help you with it. This article will be a ClickFunnels review.

Disclaimer: I am a ClickFunnels affiliate. If you purchase ClickFunnels by clicking on the links on this page I will be making a commission.

Simple Sales_Funnel_Process

But First, What Is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel, also known as a sales process, is the series of steps your ideal prospect goes through to become a customer. In other words, it’s your conversion process (also known as conversion funnel).

The reason why it’s referred to as a sales funnel is because most leads or prospects come in through the top, which is the widest part. There are less people as you move closer and closer to conversions. As we know how important sales is for any business, creating a sales funnel can help you this stage. As well as this, using software like Salesforce ActiveCampaign integration can assist in both sales and marketing, which can help get the word out about products and services your business provides. Might as well use technology to your advantage, as it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere any time soon.

So, a simple sales funnel, as seen above is as follows:

  • Lead Magnet (free report, webinar etc.)
  • Tripwire ($Low cost offer to begin buying process)
  • Core Offer (main product)
  • Upsells (additional products, add-ons, yearly subscriptions etc.)
  • Conversions (buyers)

This process will usually be a series of pages that the user will click-through to purchase something. The series of pages can look like this:

sales funnel, sales process, landing page design, clickfunnels

Sure, you can design each of these pages and place them on your website, link from one to the other but, how would you include A/B testing (split-testing)?

How can you control the flow from page to page according to the actions a user takes? For example, if the user opts-in with an email address but doesn’t buy your tripwire offer, how would you know? How do you make sure they are added to the right email list? That’s where ClickFunnels comes in.

So, Why ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels was created by Russel Brunson because he was tired of the longwinded process of designing something as simple as a capture page (opt-in page). Where you had to get a web designer and developer to collaborate with each other which, quite frankly even with today’s advanced technology can be difficult. If you wanted a minor change you had to go back and contact them to then wait for the changes to be made.

The alternative route was getting a designer that knew how to code and you go back and forth with them. They send you a version of your capture page and you say change this or that, then they get back to work and send you another one a few days later. A lot of time was lost if you just wanted to change the color or words on a call-to-action (CTA) button, for example.

ClickFunnels gives you complete control in designing each page of your sales funnel from opt-in to sales pages, webinar registration pages, order pages, thank you pages, one-time-offer pages, and even membership sites. See a video of how it works here.

Let’s take a look inside of how the app works. When creating a new funnel in ClickFunnels you’re prompted with the following options (what is the goal of the funnel):

ClickFunnels screenshot of adding a new funnel, different options, ClickFunnels Review

There are three goals to choose from: collect emails, sell your product or host a webinar or you can create a custom funnel from scratch. Once you choose the goal you then choose what pages you want to include in it. You can then configure the order of the pages later.

In the screenshot below, you can see the many different types of pages you’re able to create. All of these options come with templates that have already been designed to convert for you. The ease of using the editor is explained in the video at the top of this page.

clickfunnels screenshot of page options

ClickFunnels is responsible for huge amounts of revenue for big players and even small businesses. Tony Robbins used ClickFunnels to sell his new book, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom and, experienced dozens of thousands of dollars in sales in just a few days.

Other businesses ranging from natural supplement companies to high-ticket coaching offers have also seen a spike in their sales once they switched over to ClickFunnels.

The crazy thing too is that Russell Brunson is giving away the exact same funnels he used to increase sales for those same exact books, supplements and high-ticket offers!

Shared Funnels_ClickFunnels

Who’s Russel Brunson?

Russel Brunson is the founder of DotComSecrets which “was created to help entrepreneurs around the world to start, promote and grow their companies online.” Check out this dotcom secrets book to find out more information about it and how ti can be used in your business. He created ClickFunnels to make marketing easy.

Long gone are the days of stressing out for a few days until your web designer makes a few simple changes to your sales page or squeeze page. Or stressing out over the lack of control your current page editor gives you.

Have you ever been frustrated because you have the exact way you want your squeeze page to look but are unable to achieve it because of the way your editor works? When you’re only provided with simple templates that lack control where things are positioned on the page, the colors they have and even the images?

Anyone can use ClickFunnels to build their marketing funnels in just a few minutes.

Why A ClickFunnels Review?

The reason I wrote this ClickFunnels Review is to share with you the impact it had on my conversion rates.

A good product with good copy usually sells right? Yes but, when the page is designed to convert this can really increase your conversions. The best part is you don’t need more traffic to make more money. You’re more efficiently converting the traffic you already have.

Before switching over from LeadPages to ClickFunnels the highest conversion rates I was experiencing was about 8-9%, which is not that bad. Now, after learning and testing with the ease of the ClickFunnels editor I have been able to triple and in some cases 4x that!

ClickFunnels screenshot of conversion rates

Mind you, I wrote ALL of the copy, designed ALL of the images and layout of all the pages in these funnels. I didn’t pay tens of thousands for copywriters or designers, these are my own personal tests. I highly recommend you do your own test because it’s the only way you’ll find what works best for your business.

ClickFunnels conversion stats screenshot - 38% conversion rate

Are you asking how to increase conversion rate? One of the best and most fastest ways to increase your conversion rates is by A/B testing. This is known as testing two of the same pages with only one difference to see what works best. The more A/B tests you complete and the more data you gather the bigger you can make your conversion rate!

Before you do A/B testing though, you need to gather data in order to know where to begin testing. Using tools like Google Analytics and Visual Website Optimizer.

Further resource: The Definitive Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

With Google Analytics for example, you can do a funnel analysis to see how people are moving through your funnel. By clicking on conversions tab and setting up goals you can input each page of your funnel and the goal page you want people to reach. Google Analytics will then being reporting data about your funnel.

Importance of Sales Funnels in Your Business

By now you should’ve noticed how important it is to have a high-converting sales funnel. What most marketers do is send a lot of traffic to their sales pages, sit back and hope someone buys. The problem with this approach is that you’re not understanding the buying process.

There are a series of steps (5 steps) that a person goes through before they buy a product or service. For example, let’s say you wanted to buy a car. Most people don’t just wake up one day and say “I feel like buying a car”.

The first step to buying is realizing you have a problem. In this case, your car keeps breaking down or you keep having to spend thousands of dollars on repair and you realize you need to buy a new car.

The next step is you start doing some research and looking into the kind of car you’d like to buy. You begin to educate yourself on the problem you’re having.

You’ll look at different types of cars and options available to you. If you’d like to buy a minivan, then you start looking at the options you have within that specific car type.

Then you make your decision and purchase. What happens after the purchase is known as post-purchase behavior, whether or not your feel good about it, your review.

This is why you need a sales funnel. Most people are not ready to buy and if sent straight to your sales page, they will not buy. So, you need to be able to get back to them when they’re ready. If your funnel begins with capturing emails then you have a way of following up. If you are planning on following up with emails, you’ll want to make sure you have prepared for multiple responses. This can be done by using an exchange monitoring software to ensure your mailbox servers perform effectively to cope with the email demand that you might receive when following up.

The buying process is also the reason why things like free ebooks and free webinars work so well. With these free resources you’re educating your prospect and moving them along the buying process.

With ClickFunnels you design and curate each step of your sales funnel for maximum conversion rates. Give the free trial a shot, you might like it.

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