“The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment.”

– Warren G. Bennis, University of Souther California Professor of Business Administration; adviser to Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy

Automation Techniques Are The Way Of The Future

What really is an automated selling machine? Is it a robot that does everything for you as you sit back and watch? Or is it one where you (the business owner), is engaged in every task that is and should be personal but, uses automation and outsourcing to companies like https://www.supercheapsigns.com/promotional to streamline the menial, day to day tasks of running a business? In this article we will see that it is the latter of these.

From automated responders to virtual assistants, today there are more ways then ever to own a business that runs on auto-pilot. Any doubts? Visit the #1 selling author, Timothy Ferriss’ blog: The 4 Hour Work Week. In his book he talks about removing one’s self from the picture, giving more power to employees so, they don’t have to come to you and ask permission for every little thing. The book really teaches anyone to transition towards a work from home environment and, eventually to a mobile workplace, or work from anywhere.

No one really uses desktop computers anymore, unless they work from an office and not much of it is spent surfing the web. How do people surf the web today? Using tablets and smart phones, people are more addicted to their cell phones then ever before. Advertising has been going towards the mobile direction which is probably why more businesses are using things such as marketing automation to find new leads. Although, people feel more comfortable making purchases from a desktop computer, the mobile lifestyle is causing more people to purchase from their mobile device. Especially in big cities everyone lives the hustle and bustle lifestyle and, hardly has time to sit down on their computer anymore.

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Has advertising become too targeted?

Not necessarily. I think it’s only going to become more and more targeted. To the point where I’m wearing some kind of smart device, glasses or a watch and, if I’m thinking or feeling I want/need to buy something I’ll get advertisements based on that. A little scary when you look into the future but, will there be more of a human element to our devices? Will it finally make us happy? Too early to tell.

Traditional advertising methods are still proving to be popular however. There is something nice about being able to hold a business card in your hand or flick through a magazine with physical photos. These days, sites like https://www.printivity.com/landing/magazines make it so easy to have promotional material printed that it’s almost a no-brainer to have them alongside the newer methods of advertising. A lot of people have mentioned that they feel a certain distrust in targeted ads and would prefer to be able to look through a catalog at home. In fact, I know of a fair few businesses who use vehicle wraps to customize their fleet and find customers on the basis of this form of traditional advertising. Ultimately, when you promote your business with vehicle wraps alongside modern online advertising techniques such as targetted ads, then you can really start to notice a difference in interest from potential customers.

One fact is I remember when I really hated advertising or could easily tell when someone was selling to me online, today I have grown more fond to these ideas. It’s because what we see in advertising has become more relevant. Facebook has implemented some of these changes recently. If you notice your news feed, you can chose what you want to see on it and, now you can unfollow people. Read my post about Facebook Advertisement Engagement.

In the end automation will direct the future of advertising but, the results, the sales will always come from building relationships.

Automated Selling Machine

What if there was a done-for-you system that sent out emails, gave you copy and material to craft compelling content from emails to webinars? One that took care of following up with your prospects on the phone and all you had to do was acquire the prospect on the front-end? There is a complete Done For You system by Matt Lloyd, founder of MOBE that is being used by thousands of Internet marketers today. See how it works in the free webinar link below…

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