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Marketing Ideas for Creatives Presents: Free Ideas

I started this blog as a resource where creative people can improve their marketing. After some research and trying different names I came up with Marketing for Creatives. It then developed to Marketing Ideas for Creatives. This is why I’m starting the new segment of Free Ideas.

After consistently producing a minimum of a 1,000 word blog-post every week, I’ve grown to over 400 visitors per month. I’ve really been enjoying the journey.

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In this new series I’ll post an idea per day with a 300-500-word blog post. For starters, I’ll only post 2-3 ideas per week.

The ideas will range from technology, business, marketing, art, architecture and related topics such as sustainability, startups, automation systems, make money, online business, book ideas etc.

Why Free ideas?

This idea (no pun) came from a place where I seem to get many other ideas: in the shower. Read this other post for more on that.

It started with a thought I had after helping several people with their businesses. I helped in creating their websites or updating them and improving their marketing efforts.

I began to notice how little effort people are willing to put forth to make these things happen. At the same time I realized how much they complain about not seeing a ROI (return on investment) or any results from the tiny effort they gave.

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If you’re a creative struggling with blogging, read this post

For example, I ask an architectural photographer to start a blog to drive more targeted visitors to her website.  She can write blog posts about beautiful architecture and architectural news or inventions around the world. Unfortunately, her answer was: “I don’t want a blog”.

So immediately I saw this problem as an opportunity. I asked myself, “Why don’t people want to blog?” Well the obvious answers are they don’t have the time, they’re lazy, they don’t want to maintain a blog, they think it’s difficult or don’t have enough tech knowledge, the list of excuses goes on.

I then began to think about possible solutions to this problem because it was a common one I heard from a lot of people. Also, it’s the number one reason why most blogs fail because people give up only after a few months or years.

So the main idea (Free Ideas) started with the following, which also includes the first idea in my Free Ideas segment.

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The First Idea to Start It All Off

What if there was an app that kept track of everything you do from articles you read, websites you visited, meetings you had, conversations on your cell phone, emails you’ve written and received etc.

Like those time management apps (i.e. RescueTime) that keep track of all the things you do throughout the week and compile a weekly report for you. But, instead of using the data for productivity purposes only, this app would use the data to compile a daily report of your life’s interactions (as mentioned before). screenshot, daily productivity report

Only you had access to this report and it was confidential.  Nothing is really confidential these days anyways but, that’s another blog post.

The compiled report can be used as data to create a blog-post from on a daily basis.  This app would save a ton of time for people that don’t want to blog or just don’t have the time for it.

It would NOT work like an article spinner though. It would work with proven and trusted blog templates and article outlines to compile a compelling post each and every time.

“Ideas are cheap, execution is what matters.” – Gary Vaynerchuck

The app would also include programming that created copy according to copywriting standards and would take advantage of something like the Hemingway app. The Hemingway app increases the readability of your copy by decreasing sentence length, removing unnecessary adverbs and passive voice.

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Similar to BuzzFeed’s headline formula’s, this Auto-Blog Post Creator would base its headlines on templates that have been proven to increase user-engagement.  An example of this is from Brian Dean’s website:


The app would also be able to group portions of your day by subject and compile separate reports for further analysis.

There are similar content creation systems out there but, none that actually work together with user tracking on an individual basis.  This idea if developed and executed correctly can spawn an endless resource of unique content for each and every person on the planet.

If you got value from this post, feel free to share it below.

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