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I use photography in my work and will be updating this page with photography resources and advice…

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Photography Groups and Forums

There are no words I can use to stress the importance of being part of the photography communities in today’s social web.  Not just any or all of the communities, the ones that matter to you as a creative.  What is your niche?  For example, I enjoy architectural photography so I look for the top groups on the Internet that are about this specific niche.

The resources are really endless, the more people on social networks the more groups/pages there will be.  Think about it.  Each and every person can create multiple groups on multiple social media platforms.  So, it’s easy to get overwhelmed but my advice is start with Google Plus.  Why Google +?  Well, guess who owns most of the Internet’s searches today?  Google.  If you owned more than 70% of anything wouldn’t you leverage that to your advantage and exercise your ownership?  Well Google has done precisely that.  In fact it is more likely for someone searching for your name to find your Google + profile before your website!  Add that to your keyword strategy and you’ll leverage Google’s algorithm behavior (more on that here).

Second would be Facebook of course with an Alexa traffic rank of #2 coming in right after Google who is the top dog.  Facebook is a place where people go to socialize so, approach it from that perspective.  I will expand below on how you can use the social-web to brand yourself.  The only other two relevant social media platforms are Twitter and Pinterest according to the Searchmetrics study of 2014.  The new Searchmetrics 2015 study, which I am currently writing another blog post on, points to Youtube as the highest Universal Search Integration (this refers to other things that come out in search results other than the blue links, as you may have already noticed). Video marketing is the future and A LOT of people are already implementing it at full speed (most recently Twitter).

Next up on photography resources and advice is: LinkedIn, which has only recently been getting traction.  Here you can find many groups and connect with people you want to work with.  Let me tell you why LinkedIn is so great.  People go there for business related reasons and they are mostly, serious people.  These are some of the most targeted prospects you can come across for free.

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Grow your network

Local Meet-ups

Want to find people who share your passion right in your neighborhood?  Use sites like to search for local meet-ups or you can setup your own meet-up group.

Brand yourself

Leverage the social networks!  Show off your stuff and lifestyle on the your profile page.  Change your cover photo to something that engages the viewer and creates interest.  Your profile pic must do the same if not complementing the cover photo.

Also, most importantly provide value.  People love value!  What do people give in exchange for value?  $ales!  This is how you can attract more people to your pages.  Be sure though, as mentioned above to know your niche and how you’re going to attract that specific niche.

Your website is your brand.  I talk more about that in a post about getting your website seen.

Learn a New Skill

Another great way to improve your marketing is to position yourself as the authority.  Pick your specific niche and focus on that.  Read and learn as much as you can about it.  There are a lot of free resources for educating yourself but quite frankly free can only get you so far.

Investing in a few online courses is a great idea because you can do them on your own time.  The best part about online education is that the information is there and you can always go back to it as many times as you’d like.  If it’s a series of videos and you finish watching them let’s say in a weekend, well then go implement.  Rule of thumb for this is 4 hours of implementation per every (1) hour of learning.  Once you’ve practiced enough go back and re-watch some of the content.  When I do this there’s always something I didn’t remember or missed the first time around.  You can always pause video/audio recordings and take careful notes as well.  Some resources for this are CreativeLive, Udemy and Lynda.


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